Three facts you need to consider when buying computer desk

Read this reviews before buying computer desk

1. Style and shape

The shape and design of the computer table needs to be decided beforehand; keeping in mind the space it would occupy, the style that would suit the room/office and the shape of the table offering maximum working surface and accessory accommodation. Computer desk generally comes in three shapes: standard, L-shape and U-shape.

– L shaped desk
Often known by the name “corner desk”, it is one of the most useful and convenient table for people working continuously for hours on computer. It serves the buyer with an ample amount of room to prop the computer on and still leaves enough vacant space to keep other important things.

It gives you comfortable access to everything that is placed over it and offers the user with enough legroom. Most importantly it is a complete space savior as it occupies only the corner area of the room.

– U shaped desk
It is costlier than other kinds of tables. It offers adequate number of alcove and aperture to store accessories. It is suitable for people desiring enough space. A PC can be easily accommodated over it and other parts such as the CPU, speakers, and keyboard can be fixed in the bottom slots that are available with the table.

– Standard shaped desks
This is the most common among all the styles and shapes of tables being offered in the market and comes in rectangular shape. You may get 2-3 pull out drawers and a pull out platform for placing the keyboard equipped along with the table. Most tables are installed with a cabin below one of the corner of the tabletop to prop your CPU. Some may have horizontal or vertical shelves too.

2. Storage and features

– Storage area is one important requirement of people dealing with computers on daily basis. Modern tables are well equipped with drawers and shelves to make storage of important documents and objects and their easy access.
– Some manufacturers provide safety bars on the sides of the table to prevent the desktop from sudden tumbling down.
– The swing out platforms in some computer tables increases the working surface. This additional space can be used to place a printer or a scanner.
– The cable management system can solve the problem of jumbled wires and cables which looks nothing less than a mess.
– There are few tables in the market known as the floating desk that can be installed on a wall. All you then need is just a chair.

3. Working area

A computer is not just about monitor, CPU, speakers, keyboard and a mouse. It is much more than that, which counts the propping up of printer, scanner, UPS, webcam, etc. You surely will need a table with enough working platform to position all your gadgets and accessories in one place.


A computer desk is worth every buck of yours. It keeps your computer in suitable order, increases your working efficiency, gives you comfort, provides you with easy access to everything, and you can complete your tasks without getting your apparatuses messed up. One may not want it but one surely will need it.

How To Select A Perfect Sound System Suitable For Computer Gaming?


With the progressive developments in the gaming territory, the gamers demand to have highly peculiar gadgets and accessories to play with. An amazing gaming console with impressive graphic quality is not enough to give a perfect gaming experience. It is almost inevitable for a gamer to set aside a high quality sound system when it comes to thrill during the game-play.

Below is some basic knowledge about speakers.

– Types of speaker system
A buyer must know all the types of audio systems available in the market before purchasing it and then decide according to the features that the system possess which would cater to his needs. Following are the three types of speakers that are available in the market.
1. Monaural (single channel)
2. Stereophonic (two channels-left and right)
3. Surround sound (two-seven channels)

– Power handling
It is imperative for an audio apparatus to combat the flow of electrical energy without experiencing any mutilation. Among the two ways being used for measuring power handling, one must always prioritize RMS (power withstanding capacity for long durations) over peak (highest power of short bust).

– Performance
The manifest of the speakers can furthermore be judged by three more attributes namely, sensitivity, impedance and frequency respond.

1. Sensitivity: it is related to the attribute of auditory sensation in relation to which the volume can be adjusted from low to high. A good quality sound system must have higher sensitivity as the higher the sensitivity, the more loud sound it produce and vice versa.
2. Impedance: This technical term is related to the evaluation of resistance. Sound systems usually come with a resistance of 8 ohms while the superior models constitute for about 4 ohms resistance.
3. Frequency respond: This attribute deals with the extent of sound that a speaker can generate. An excellent frequency respond must be a constituent of a good audio system.

– Drivers
The conversion of current into sound waves is the job of drivers. The mid-range, full-range, woofers and tweeter are the basic type of drivers that the speakers are installed with.
1. The tweeters requires less electrical energy and are small in size as they need to vibrate quickly in order to generate high frequency.
2. The woofers have to produce low frequency sound and hence its size is comparatively large.
3. Mid-range drivers produce a sound ranging in almost the middle of the scale.
4. Full-range drivers cover the entire range of sound.

How to choose a top rated pc 2.1/5.1 audio game speakers System for music in 2016 ?

Most of the gamers are inclined to use surround sound system to match the level of the sound details in the latest game as they are capable to use its feature during the game play. There are some factors to help you choose your perfect sound system.
Computer capabilities

A user should be well aware of what type of sound system their computer supports while buying. The higher-end models of laptops, particularly designed for gaming (like, Alien ware laptops) possess high-definition audio drivers to support surround sound.

– Multiple Inputs
Some speakers offer multiple inputs in addition to a PC connection. The buyer is eligible to connect media players such as DVD, MP3 Players, Blue-ray players, iPods and even gaming consoles.

– Size and Number of components
Stereo speakers have only two channels are the simplest to install in a room. The surround sound systems can range from 3 components in a 2.1 channel system to a maximum of 8 for a 7.1 channel system, to make it much of a space concern. The buyers are responsible so as to where they will keep the sub-woofer that comes along the surround system.

– Wall Mounting
Some speakers are designed so as to be mounted up on the walls right beside their desktop or TV. This allows the buyer to free up the space from the table or shelf and enhance the directional effect of the sound.

– Other Features
Often most gamers prefer options like headphones and microphone jacks to plug in their headset and privately listen to their conversation as in a live chat during online gaming especially in team-oriented games.

– Preferred brand speakers
You can either be an ultimate gamer or a routine gamer, the quality of your speakers will depend on how intensely you want to enjoy your gaming experience. Speakers are now available in different sizes, shapes, quality, prices and in different brands. Sound system of a good brand will always provide you with better quality sound than the normal ones.

A good sound system always enhances your experience of gaming. It increases the enthusiasm and generates a great level of zeal in the gamer. Playing console or PC games are absolute fun if you have the correct type of speakers which suits your playing style.

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